About Processor

          DSC 10000 Guidelines for the Compliande system

    Processor was the first technology company in Brazil to achieve Compliance certification based on the DSC Standard 10,000 - Guidelines for Compliance System, which aims to prove the existence of integrity mechanisms prepared to prevent and detect possible irregularities, especially related ones to the Anti-Corruption Law.

    Grupo Processor has an internal code of conduct with its professionals and a policy of external relationship with its clients, suppliers and partners, and all these rules are in compliance with the current legislation.

    For Grupo Processor being in compliance is not just a formality. We live this in practice, in our day to day life.

    It is part of our policy:

    • Rules for access to our clients’ corporate and classified data;
    • Responsibility over hardware;
    • Standard procedure to be followed by the team and confidentiality standards for the use of processes.

    Our policy also covers:

    • Respect for the Law;
    • Compliance with internal rules;
    • Responsibility for Processor’s Image - Every professional should be concerned about the good reputation of the company;
    • Mutual Respect, Honesty and Integrity of all individuals;
    • Trusted Information, with care to the information that is added to our or our clients’, suppliers’ or partners’ documents, registrations or forms;
    • Rules of Association in companies as partner, partner-director or partner-investor, and there shall be no CONFLICT with the activities carried out in PROCESSOR;
    • Prohibition to the Offering and granting of advantages;
    • Piracy and/or plagiarism.

    PROCESSOR’s decisions are not influenced by partisan or ideological preferences.

    Any relationship with the public sector must comply with applicable law, anti-corruption laws, and our corporate guidelines.

    Some conflicts of interest may also arise when individual or family interests run counter to the interests of the company.

    Our code of conduct, brings our rules and procedures in more detail.

    If necessary, contact Processor’s Communication Channel, using the form below or by sending an e-mail to channelcomunicacao@processor.com.br  

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    You build good personal reputation, keeping the image of Grupo Processor solid, besides the certainty of contributing to the strengthening of the values of a company that has a responsible, ethical and legal behavior.