Social Vision
About Processor

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​The values of the company point to the Organization's social responsibility.

The ethical behavior of the Grupo Processor starts in the daily search for quality assurance of its products and services, as well as transparently and objectively as it relates to customers, suppliers, and employees.

To give vent to this, Processor created the Accountability and Reciprocity Committee, responsible for establishing our practices and actions linked to social responsibility.

Actions and campaigns are carried out together with the Processor professionals, which make a difference in the communities in which we are inserted.

Among the main actions, we can highlight the fact that we are maintainers of the NGO Parceiros Voluntários, because we believe in the cause of volunteering and in the pursuit of the purpose of "living in a sustainable society based on ethical and participative people".​

This year we proudly received the Volunteer Partners' Honor for Merit for their dedication and commitment, for 20 years, to the cause of volunteering. 

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