Technology as


Software, services and infrastructure in the cloud that revolutionize business productivity


Processor provides innovative technology services and solutions managed and operated by Processor for organizations of any size to accelerate their digital transformation process.

This new way of using technology is changing not only the way people access solutions but the business model of organizations that need to become more competitive.



  • The offer of technology as a service allows for increased flexibility in the use of models of cloud computing architectures. From a fully public cloud-based model to a hybrid model, with each service running in private or public cloud, as it makes the most sense to the customer's business.
Flexibility of use

  • Flexibility of use combined with the ability to pay only for the resources used allows unprecedented savings in the use of technology, as well as the ability to respond quickly to unexpected or seasonal demands, without waiting periods and without paying for idle resources in the environment.​

Unified Management

  • The use of technology as a service enables a series of integrated solutions, including computing capacity, storage, data, networking, backup, applications, software and other services to be used in a fast, flexible and highly competitive way with unified and integrated management portals.

Increased Productivity

  • One of the greatest advantages that the use of technology as a service provides is the increase of agility and, consequently, of productivity. Organizational processes gain in speed as they are integrated, and the performance of tasks becomes more fluid. Internal communication and cooperation are also much simpler and easier.

Reduced Costs

  • The acquisition of recent technologies is no longer measured by the number of devices that your company owns. Now these investments are determined by monthly or annual subscriptions, etc., according to the profile of the role that a certain employee has or by the effective use of the service. That way your organization can invest according to its own growth rate.

Increased Safety

  • By using technology as a service your company gains in safety and reduces compliance risks. Data and information, as well as updates, are saved and can be performed automatically, releasing users from complex tasks. The same applies to the regular backup services, which will be made according to the predetermined schedule or even the automatic backup of all organization’s systems and data that can be deleted accidentally or intentionally with automated services for disaster recovery.

Does your company already enjoy these advantages? If not, invest as soon as possible: the benefits are huge, and Processor is here to help you harvest all these results in the shortest time possible.

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