SOCIAL Listening

Understand people's needs and feelings in social media and take action to broaden the engagement and digital presence of your organization.


Manage your brand reputation and connect with your customers through social networks knowing the behavior and level of influence of your followers.


  • Analysis of social activities (horizontal or vertical social networks, blogs, among others) that impact the customer's business to activate the reading and capture how often the company is mentioned
  • Structuring information for data enrichment, definition of engagement strategy, market analysis, mapping of competitors, among others
  • Definition and refinement of the keywords to be mapped
  • Automatic opening of occurrences/cases for crisis management
  • Complete operation of the monitoring process, including responses to customers in social networks
  • Management and control of social listening performance for continuous improvement.


  • Greater knowledge about customers and the possibility of generating automated actions based on public responses in digital media
  • Identification of new engagement possibilities through digital customer monitoring, as well as direct response in digital media
  • Reports and indicators for performance monitoringEmpower teams by extending control and digital management of the customer, improving reputation knowledge in digital media
  • Improvement of products and services based on the insights gained
  • Optimization of processes with the use of technologies that allow the automation of the capture and identification of feelings in digital media.​