Understand how your business is partnering with your customers to increase sales,
improve service, and revolutionize your staff’s productivity


Processor implements, operates and manages the entire customer relationship cycle, combining people, processes and technology to help your business capture and retain customers. Increase efficiency in the relationship with your customers, with excellence in sales, after-sales, customer service, field services and other related processes.


  • Design, standardization and management of sales and relationship processes
  • Definition of KPIs and control objectives for each process
  • Implementation of technologies for automation and standardization in the execution of processes
  • Implementation of technologies for application of AI and generation of recommendations and instant insights
  • Implementation of management and governance models (panels, in sight management, etc.)
  • Operation of sales processes and relationship with people and technology Processor
  • Processor Intelligence to analyze data and generate insights for new
  • Results-oriented management through evaluation of performance indicators and application of continuous


  • Increased productivity and team performance
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Increased customer retention rate
  • Significant improvement in the conversion rate of opportunities
  • Reduction in the operationalization and sales execution costs and relationship processes
  • Customized relationships, anticipating the customer’s needs and enabling increased sales
  • Improved service using proactive maintenance, predictive scheduling, and first-contact resolution
  • Innovates relationships
  • Optimizes processes