resources and PROCESSES

Professional allocation and automated business processes operated and managed by Processor


By outsourcing the resources and processes, companies may have a greater focus on what really makes a difference to the outcome, and may also implement consistent and organizational strategies that lead to the desired results.


  • Allocating resources on demand to service nationwidel
  • Bank of professionals specialized in various areas of activity
  • Selection process, hiring, training, retention and customer retention automated and managed by Processor
  • Greater flexibility in the allocation and deallocation of resources
  • Increased focus of employees in the company's end activities
  • Predictability and cost control
  • Reduction of labor risks
  • Design, standardization, optimization, automation and management of business processes
  • Implementation, approval and deadline workflows
  • Own methodology and tooling
  • Regular and real-time reports for informed decision making
  • Increased performance, productivity, and operational efficiency
  • Continuous improvement of processes​