Desktop and application as a service

Providing virtual machines and cloud applications with high availability and flexibility, managed, monitored and operated by Processor.


Centralized management, flexibility and high availability, reducing costs in fixed assets and computing services. Increases security and minimizes risks of lost business information. Standardizes technologies and user profiles. Avoids risks with software licensing and technologies not supported by the organization. Provides control over what users are up and running.


Desktops or applications delivered as services through remote access

Secure, encrypted access, ensuring the centralization and integrity of company data, delivering flexibility and high availability

Centralized environment updates, ensuring standardization and buy-in to company rules and policies, including compliance

Possibility of delivery standardization, while managers can view access, uses and activities carried out by service users

Environment operation with a 5x10 -coverage

Monitoring and Support 7 x 24 for calls linked to the availability of services

LiveCloud Management Portal for management, opening of claims and monitoring of contracted


The LiveCloud Portal includes Processor Management Dashboard, Processor Managed Services, Processor Monitoring Services, evaluation and prediction of performance and consumption, informational alerts, information on contracted services, opening of claims, support for environment (up & running), request for additional services. Optional services available for contracting LiveCloud include functional support, assisted operation, field services, service desk, professional services and developments on the environment and contracted applications.