Processor BPM

Automate processes and maximize your organization's results


Processor BPM is a powerful partner in the management of an organization's business processes. It allows process design to be intuitive and facilitates the definition of the responsible parties and times for the accomplishment of each activity. It also manages its implementation through mechanisms that warn the users about their responsibilities.

Processor BPM can be applied across a number of organizational areas and processes: contract management, help desk, approval flow management, and collaboration management are some examples of processes that can be automated and managed through this solution.

Processor BPM is a robust, integrated, and highly scalable platform capable of supporting the needs of small to large organizations that see in efficient process management a great competitive advantage against the competition.


  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced rework in process implementation
  • Quality and safety for decision making
  • Retention of organizational knowledge
  • Decreases margin of error in processes
  • Reduces the risk of fines imposed on organizations through preventive management
  • Organization in constant activity and productivity without tasks being abandoned, forgotten or deferred by individual initiative
  • Reduces costs with manual tasks
  • Optimizes responsiveness
  • Empowerment of areas
  • Transparency and security of information
  • Allows an holistic view of processes, active business areas in process management  


  • Monitoring of activities, implementation times and instances in process
  • Unified repository for information related to business processes
  • Intuitive modeling of activities, forms, and pocesses
  • Automatic submission of tasks, forms and approval requests, according to the process configuration  


Human Resources Management

  • Training and development
  • New employees
  • Overtime management
  • Vacation and benefits  

CSC - Purchasing and Financial

  • Approval of purchase orders
  • Credit analysis
  • Supplier control
  • Refunds and bonuses

Legal - Contract Management

  • Renewal control
  • Signature guaranteed
  • Negotiations and amendments
  • Execution of dissolution

IT - Infrastructure and projects

  • Access management
  • Control of methodologies artifacts
  • Change management
  • Procurement or maintenance of resources