Get to know and connect with your customer in digital through an effective strategy for loyalty and engagement


Processor has a multidisciplinary team to plan, create, operate and monitor social engagement strategies and actions to achieve your organization’s goals in digital.


  • Analysis of target audiences to define visual identity and language for use in various channels (such as pages and social networks)
  • Setting of the relevant channels that are oriented to the engagement strategy
  • Application of templates to standardize the visual identity in the different channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Site, etc)
  • Definition of an engagement strategy for each audience, channel and segmentation
  • Definition of a content publication schedule
  • Publication of the contents in the different digital channels
  • Setting of tags to track actions within the site (forms, most accessed pages, conversions, devices)
  • Processor Intelligence to analyze data and generate insights for new actions
  • Results-oriented management through evaluation of performance indicators and application of continuous improvement


  • Strengthening the brand through the creation of a unique customer experience
  • Greater engagement and relationship with customers
  • Improvement of customer's digital presence
  • Increased conversion rate for commercial opportunities
  • Increase traffic to your website, social networks and other digital channels
  • Reports and indicators for performance monitoring
  • Processor’s know-how applied in strategy and operationalization of presence and digital marketing
  • Digital positioning to be a reference in content and relationship
  • Increase in followers
  • Innovation of relationships.​