GOTOBIZ, a company of the Processor Group, is focused on offering digital transformation ital transformation to optimize processes, innovate relationship and revolutionize businesses



Understand how your company can benefit from the digital transformation

Situational Analysis allows you to understand the current digital maturity of your organization according to the strategy and determine a set of actions and solutions to lead the successful journey of digital transformation.

Digital Presence: portals
intranet and e-commerce

Intranets, portals and e-commerce with excellent experience for users

Consulting services and development of specialized solutions for websites, Intranet, portals and e-commerce. Develop an effective communication channel with your customers, suppliers, business partners and employees.


Impact your client in a positive way through the automation of communication

Understanding the customer relationship strategy, planning, operating and monitoring the communication rules, in order to achieve preestablished objectives.


High-performance strategies to maximize digital exposure

Definition of the strategy, operation and management of digital marketing campaigns for the company to be found by customers rigth away when they are searching for products and services.

Intelligence - CRM

Increase sales, improve service and revolutionize your staff productivity

Processor implements, operates and manages the entire customer relationship cycle, combining people, processes and technology to help your business capture and retain customers. Increase efficiency in the relationship with your customers, with excellence in sales, after sales, service, SAC, field services and other related processes.

Market intelligence:
Big Data and Data Analytics

Combine the science of predictive information analysis with advanced business intelligence capabilities

Turn day-to-day operations data into decision support information across all areas of your business. Review the organization's historical performance, calculate indicators, and map risks effectively.

Social Engagement and
Social Listening

Understand people's feelings in social media and broaden your engagement

Manage your brand reputation and connect with your customers through social networks knowing the behavior and level of influence of your followers.


Transform your organization with a scalable, complete digital solution for operation and management

Through the Processor services of deployment, operation, support and evolution of digital solutions for enterprise resource management, optimize your finances and operations in an agile way, enabling the continuous improvement without interrupting its operation

Business Process
Management - BPM

Automate processes and maximize your organization's results

A powerful ally in the management of an organization's business processes, it allows process design to be intuitive and makes it easier to define the people responsible and the times to accomplish each activity.


Solution for interactive management of professional performance for organizations of the digital age

Through the motivational and meritocratic focus, encourage employees to seek professional development, contributing to the growth of the organization.


You are close to everything!

Digital relationship platform that connects people to places and services in a simple and intelligent way.


Generate value in your business with the application of AI in different processes

Count on Processor to have an efficient customer service, assertive social analysis, personalized relationship with customers, among many other processes to create impacting competitive advantage for your company.