Impact your customer in a direct and positive way through the automation of communication in the most varied digital channels.


Understanding the customer relationship strategy, planning, operating and monitoring the communication rules, in order to achieve preestablished objectives.


  • Understanding the digital strategy, including analyzing the persona and goals to be achieved by direct communication, such as engagement, profile registration or sales increase
  • Planning of relationship rules, clearly defining the performance indicators for that action and the activities to be performed to improve the result, such as the A/B test
  • Communication operation by collecting data of the customer’s current systems, creation/maintenance of the relationship rules and process automation
  • Application of contents for direct communication, including messages, webpages, videos, cases, among others. The contents are customized according to each individual, considering information from the internal systems and the communication rule itself, generating effective one-on-one communication
  • Management and control of digital communication performance for continuous improvement.


  • Significant increase in productivity through the automation of digital communication
  • Innovation of relationships through customized communication actions
  • Greater engagement and relationship with customers
  • Increased conversion rate for commercial opportunities
  • Empowerment of marketing and sales teams with the use of intuitive solution for managing digital communication