Processor automates services to serve business area

It has been a while that IT is not the only responsible for purchasing solutions that optimize businesses. Global studies show that areas such Human Resources, Finances, Legal and Administrative sections, for example, are alert to internal demands and opportunities that the technology market offers them to become more efficient and innovative.

Processor already understands this changing scenario and it has prepared for it a while ago, leading the way with a robust solution.

The key offer to meet this new demand profile of the corporative market is Processor BPO, a set of services and solutions focused on outsourcing IT and business processes.

The service delivery is efficient, automated and safe and management is done through the best practices of the market. In practice, this means assuming the customers' business operations, not necessarily those of IT, but also those of automated sales, post-sales, and delivery as service. "In the back office of this delivery, there are process management solutions, people with expertise in the outsourced area (sales, HR, finances, and others) and service per level agreement," says Processor Outsourcing Director, Ana Cristina Pochmann Mairesse.

What does the customer gain from this? Productivity and tranquility of having a specialized partner managing all outsourcing of processes and services.

"We are a company expert not only in IT, but also with qualified personnel and tools to optimize processes of business areas in a corporation," stresses Ana.
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