SpotFinder is a cloud platform of digital relationship that connects people with the best establishments around them. Focused on user experience, in less than 2 years SpotFinder connects its 25,000 users to thousands of options of restaurants, drugstores, bookstores, and several establishments all over Brazil. Now it also provides the option of searching for movies to watch on the weekend at the movie theaters, with Family and friends.
Since the beginning, SpotFinder chose the cloud service, but with the rapid growth, the server's response time became a critical factor for the business' survival. In a few months, the server was overloaded, which dramatically increased the response time to users and put at risk the app's growth. Evandro de Oliveira, Technology Director, comments that the app needed a server that could provide the agility that users demanded from such service. "People use the app on the street while looking for an option nearby. SpotFinder cannot delay answering the user. We either deliver the information fast, 24/7, or we are out," he says."
After testing some servers, SpotFinder trusted its future to Processor LiveCloud. With a response time even 60% faster than the others tested, the company now can trust in the infrastructure for its 150,000 monthly searches. The response of the target audience was immediate. Lourival Divino became a regular user due to the service's precision: "Practical and precise, I use it a lot when I travel!" Reviews mention not only content, but also the app's technological aspects, revealing that the platform's reliability and availability are crucial to the user. Zélia Pereira is another example: "Very practical and user-friendly. I discovered new restaurants that were unknown to me"."
With flexibility and autonomy to adjust the server according to the need of use of Auto Scaling, the team focused on the business' main activity, ensuring more gain in productivity.
Now the SpotFinder team can easily dedicate themselves to expansion plans for the app, knowing that their users will always have the information they need whenever they want it.
SpotFinder technology director, Evandro Oliveira, says that one of the main differentials of the tool is its easy use. That is not by chance: "We always work focusing on offering good experience and usability for people to find the information they need intuitively," he says.
SpotFinder also encourages companies to promote their products and services through an interface that the contacted companies can use to divulge their businesses in the app. "We bring companies and users closer so that they can interact with their customers via the app and offer their services in a more direct manner," says Gabriel, SpotFinder marketing director.
With the goal of connecting people to places and services in a way that is simple, smart, fast and safe, SpotFinder must be technologically well supported to deliver value proposition to users, ensuring quality and success in business.
"The large processing capability and fast response to the growth in demand brings us tranquility and safety during high-traffic events. These factors alleviated the team, not only in terms of hours, but also in terms of stress. Now we have a tranquil team to innovate and create inside the company," Gabriel adds. 
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