SEBRAE-RS has become a benchmark in the offering of services and solutions that support entrepreneurship in Brazil for decades. Now, SEBRAE-RS is focusing on outsourcing IT to revolutionize the productivity of its end customers and ensure faster and more innovative deliveries.

It all starts with efficient IT management, which reflects in the ability to offer an efficient call center infrastructure to serve micro-entrepreneurs, accredit new consultants, platforms for on-line and EAD events, and even ensure that the field team can make diagnostics in the companies in an integrated way with the CRM used by the institution.


“Our customers are changing and demanding a variety of digital products from SEBRA-RS, which increases our internal responsibility for maintaining high quality services”

IT manager and process manager, Roberto Woltmann.

The challenge is to provide availability and stability to ensure performance. "At this point, the outsourcing service, which takes care of the user support operation and network environment management with Processor’ team, guarantees the speed that customers are demanding", he adds.

The success of deliveries to end customers, the microentrepreneurs, is a result of a partnership between Processor and SEBRAE-RS in the last 13 years. A work that began internally, trying to provide management so that the IT area was able to improve the quality and agility of the services provided to all areas. Today, teams are able to answer to the same number of calls, with less human resources and increased quality, says Ana Pochmann, Processor BPO. Another highlight is the positive impact on meeting the SLA indicators, time limits and delivery of services to all areas of SEBRAE, whose average is very high. ​ 



Everything is monitored so every type of call is answered within the time limits. The first level has a rate of 99% of calls answered within the time limit. In 2015, it was 90%, before, 80%. "Over the last four years we have almost reached 100% of calls answered within the time limit" says Woltmann.

During this time of partnership, the institution has been evolving in its performance and IT service monitoring indicators. Quality and productivity monitoring meetings are held on a regular basis. "The outsourcing service management has become a benchmark for excellence and management internally", says Woltmann.

By increasing the agility of the IT services provided, there was also an increase in the productivity of SEBRAE-RS’ teams in meeting the demands of the end customers. "This is positive because people in the area become more trustworthy. We have thorough management and the partnership with Processor team, which is always concerned about our success, is what makes us a unite front", assesses the manager.​​