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The numbers leave no doubt about the evolution of NPX’s digital presence in recent years, in a work that has been conducted in a partnership with Gotobiz, a company of Processor Group focused on offering digital transformation to optimize processes.


The relationship between the two companies, which has already led to the strategic shifts of some NPX business processes, began about three years ago. The focus was to work on the digital marketing of Kärcher’s industrial line, which involves products such as vacuum cleaners for solids and liquids, high pressure washers, floor washers, sweepers, among other products.


At the time, potential customers had difficulty finding these products on NPX website, as well as more technical information about them. The first step was to hire the landing page service, in order to promote the portfolio. "From the work done, people looking for information on the Internet about washing machines or industrial sweepers, for example, were redirected to the right page to fill out the form and send it to the company", recalls Gotobiz marketing analyst Suellen Goulart.

The website started to be transformed and, due to the higth demand it was necessary to improve enven the customer service processes as the cusromers called for more information.

Previously, they were served by an URA that identified NPX, rising doubts to the customers that were in fact looking for some products from the Kärcher line. "Brand visibility has increased, they started to have increased demand and have come to be recognized as official representatives of the brand," reports Suellen.


NPX/Kärcher Center Premium director José Luiz Badermann de Assis comments that this evolution has led the company to take better advantage of the business insights that come through digital tools. Not to mention that with the upgrade of e-commerce, the sales process has gained in agility. Before, the company’s employees spent a lot of time teaching customers how the products work, since we are talking about very complex equipment. "In the sale on-line, the user clicks, buys and orders to deliver. It is also very simple to pay”, he adds.



NPX's marketing and sales analyst Flahane Roza agrees that this upgrade of e-commerce was very important. "We have been able to turn the website into an effective sales channel, including putting in place a more structured marketing data system", she explains. The professional was hired by NPX to generate a better response regarding the company’s information. "We were able to qualify our mix to attract customers more in line with our profile and improve our presence in the market", he says.


Technology is present in this work. In addition, Gotobiz also brought geolocation tools to boost sales. When representatives have appointments in a given region, digital marketing is first worked in these cities, combining with some off-line strategies to generate leads. "The idea is that when they arrive in these locations they have more visits to carry out, due to the demands generated by the digital actions", complements Suellen.