strategy increases in's digital performance 



The results do not leave doubt on IN’s - Inteligência de Negócio - digital strategy evolution in recent months: 46.5% growth in lead generation, 80% of qualified leads converted into opportunities, and 25% increase in the number of proposals. Not to mention the increase in traffic on the site, the number of conversions and downloads of the tools that the company sells.


All this is the direct reflection of the digital marketing project carried out in partnership with the GoToBiz team, a Processor Group company that specializes in digital transformation to revolutionize the business.


Initially, IN sought more performance in the area of ​​paid media and indicators that showed this evolution clearly. "We were not able to do this with the other vendor we worked with, and we decided to go with GoToBiz - Processor. It worked. Now we have access to all kinds of strategic information related to traffic, number of conversions and campaigns that can be carried out ", says Grupo IN marketing manager Bruno Guerra.


Processor’s Digital Marketing and Data BDM, Anderson Tomaszewski, explains that a new digital marketing model for IN was proposed. "We structured the campaigns paid for social networks and we started to follow up. From this, the results began to appear, because they are managing to reach their clients on the target”, he says. In 2017, the company grew its revenue by 26%.


On a daily basis, GoToBiz - Processor team worked to more effectively target user site searches to IN’s website pages. 



This required attention to every step of the so-called digital marketing funnel, from where the person is only considering buying something, but is not decided (funnel top) until the user decides to do more specific searches on the Internet (funnel fund). 


"In each of these phases, the consumer needs to be directed to the right customer page, which can be either the one that offers an e-book for him or her have more product information until one with a purchase form, if it is decided", explains Tomaszewski.


By then, IN had only funnel top lead generation campaigns, which resulted in low conversion rates for qualified leads and low attraction of traffic to the site.


Another change, Guerra explains, was that Processor proposed that IN use its own database to run the campaigns - formerly it was Google AdWords. "This has broadened the possibility of paid media offerings, which can now also be targeted at display, re-marketing and video", he said.


Many achievements have already been possible, but the work continues in constant evolution with new services being incorporated. Every 15 days, a meeting is held with Processor’s team to present what is being done, evaluate the results of this strategy and take the next steps.


The goal now is to expand this work. "Our goal with Processor is to increase the visibility of each group and expand to other paid media - besides Google and Facebook, like LinkedIn and others", says Guerra.


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