Federasul, one of the most important Brazilian business entities, based in Rio Grande do Sul, is beginning its journey towards transformation. And it counts with Processor for that.

The projects involve actions aimed at Digital Marketing, such as content creation, publications about their events on social. networks, such as Tá Na Mesa and Federasul Conference, and campaigns to attract new stakeholders, and event an upgrade in their IT internal systems).

To this end, Processor deployed LiveCloud SaaS solutions, which allow employees to use a variety of service-formatted software, such as Office 365, significantly increasing productivity.

" Our goal is to have a and productive environment." 
FERNANDA REICHENBACH| Federasul Executive  

LiveCloud Backup and LiveCloud Hosting are also being implemented. "All Federasul documents are being migrated to the cloud, which will increase security and efficiency whenever we need to have access to strategic data", says Fernanda.

Processor also began to offer all technical support and network administration services. "Before our system was very restricted and whenever there was a problem, internal IT was slow to resolve it. Today we open a call and everything is resolved in no time. The level of user complaints has dropped a lot”, he reports.

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