A 30-year leap in technology. This how the CFO of Lojas Colombo, Gilberto Galafassi, summarizes the transformation that the company has been going through in recent months, which puts it in a new stage of digital retail management.

"We had an 8% drop in sales in 2016, with retail, as a whole, falling further. From January to May 2017 we had a recovery and grew about 10%.The improvement in the performance of our systems, the increase in  governance control  and the ease of servicing customers were decisive for this recovery, "he says.

All of this, in fact, is a result to be celebrated today. And it is the result of a thorough work that has been done for some time in partnership with Processor. The main processes involving the store have been redesigned and optimized to provide the information to the sales team on-line, for example, checking inventory of all stores and delivery times.

"The salesperson now receives real-time data from the parent company and this is directly impacting on the quality of the service provided to consumers," points out Colombo's IT Manager Luis Carlos Alberti, exemplifying one of the benefits generated by the work that has been performed with Processor.

From the technology point of view, for this transformation to be possible, the company decided to invest in cloud. As a result, it now has more flexibility to increase and decrease the supply of computing resources on demand in its e-commerce, for example the commemorative dates that boost sales, such as: Black Friday, Mother's Day, etc.

"The transformation that the company has been going through is a 30-year leap in technology." 


The legacy system was upgraded by Processor, which made the operation less complex and more adherent to the needs of Lojas Colombo businesses. This also resulted in a more modern storefront experienceIt is worth mentioning that Colombo entrusted Processor with this great step and became the first case of implementation of Dynamics AX Retail module in Brazil for operations of its size. "Those who move slowly will stay behind. That is why we are accelerating", says Alberti.

“Those who move slowly will stay behind. That is why we are accelerating.”
LUIS CARLOS ALBERTI | IT Manager of Lojas Colombo

Another key step was the replacement of the Intranet, which until then was developed internally, by a portal developed by Processor in order to improve the communication and interaction of the stores with the head office, a result achieved with rapid success.

Before, all the conversations occurred through email, like sending information on promotions and team meetings. If someone failed to see the message, there was a risk of losing something important. When accessing the portal, the employee now can see, according an urgent rating, all the communications. And it gets logged whether the employee has viewed it or not.

In addition, the portal also allows you to segment the sending of messages by profile. If something should be sent only to store managers or sales staff, just select the option. Not to mention the corporate social network created, which enables greater interaction between the entire team. "Today we have a new world at our disposal, which has directly impacted the sharing of information and experiences internally and is already reflected in the contact with the customer," says Alberti.


Retail was one of the last industries to realize the importance of investing in technology in the last few decades. More recently, however, it has accelerated pace like no other segment towards digital transformation.

And it's easy to understand why. Increasingly, the products and prices are similar. What differentiates one player from the other is the experience offered to the customer. Physical stores, although they are still conceptually important, have changed and will change their function even more. This is not something that is happening only in Colombo, but it is a transformation felt by retailers around the world.

Increasingly, customers go to the physical point of sale to look and try the product - but it is common they buy on the Internet. "With an eye on this trend we have been pursuing this transformation. Our goal is for the customer who contacts us to have the same service and purchase experience in any sales channel”, says Alberti.



All the digital transformation projects that are being carried out in Lojas Colombo have the mission of facilitating the relationship with customers. The CFO of Lojas Colombo, Gilberto Galafassi, says that this is based on attributes such as agility, the best buying condition and simplicity. When the customer accesses the company, whether through the physical store or the Internet, this is what they expect. "We have sophisticated our systems in the Backoffice so that, in front of the customer, the relationship is as simple and transparent as possible," he says.

In the stores, for example, sellers have access to a modernized point-of-sale system that already enables them to serve customers with their tablets. It seems a detail, but it gives them mobility to transit through the store to show the products and, at the same time, check for prices and business conditions. "This transformation aims at giving accessibility to our team", says the manager.

He also highlights the importance of having a partner like Processor on this journey. "Processor has been with us for a long time and knows our culture. It is a partner that supports us in this journey of transformation", he emphasizes.

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