Company WayUp Brasil invests in automation to support customers

Forget the traditional model of membership of loyalty cards in retail chains. Entering the store, being conducted by an employee to a special area to answer a questionnaire and going back home waiting for credit approval is outdated.
Technology is here to ensure this and other processes are simpler and faster nowadays. At least for WayUp Brasil Administradora de Meios de Pagamento, a specialist in the implementation and management of relationship programs and credit management aimed at consumption.
The company, with headquarters in Porto Alegre (Rio Grande do Sul), was founded two years ago with the goal of enabling any retailer to have their own structure for granting credit and to establish a differentiation strategy in the marketplace. While most companies face the challenge of transforming themselves digitally, WayUp was born digital. In addition, this gives a considerable advantage to their business. "Absolutely all of our processes are IT based. The automated system for credit assessment allows us to finish the process online and instantaneously while other companies need from two days to two weeks for that," explains Innovation and Technology director, Victório Guimarães, exemplifying how technology supports the business.
This means that small and medium-sized retailers from different segments (such as supermarkets, drugstores, clothing and shoes, and building materials) do not have to waste customer contact with paperwork while he is at the store living his shopping experience. Credit is approved in real time and the customer can already buy products and add points to the store's loyalty program. "It is a differential that directly impacts the sales for our customers," Guimarães adds.
Processor Director, Isabel Schmidt, highlights the fact that company already started its operations with the most modern IT processes, which provide more agility, safety, and flexibility in delivery. "This helps the customer to reduce costs and to have more innovation capacity, becoming more efficient and competitive".
"We're racing in a Ferrari". This is how WayUp director of Innovation and Technology, Victório Guimarães, usually exemplifies the bet they made, from the start, in high-end technologies. The company uses Azure, a Microsoft cloud structure and AD system integrated to Office, which ensures simplification of user maintenance. Another investment was the Office 365. Moreover, in terms of communication, services connected to the relationship card, such as sending e-mails and notifications via mobile devices, are automated. This means that the retailer does not have to worry about anything. WayUp manages all services and suppliers.
Everything was implemented, integrated, and supported by Processor so to ensure data safety, availability, and scalability. "The premise of having technological conditions to grow fast guides our work. And we saw in Processor an ideal partner to be beside us," adds the director.
" Processor has participated in the leverage of our business and it has
 been very important to have this expertise since then ." 
VICTÓRIO GUIMARÃES| Director of Technology and Innovation at Wayup  
Processor's Isabel Schmidt says that, from the beginning, there was a broad understanding of the company's needs. "We drew a wide solution to support the WayUp business, taking all its processes to the cloud," she adds.

WayUp is a kind of service broker that delivers service and complete management to the retailer, who needs only to define commercial strategy and serve customers well. The company offers several solutions to capture data at the point of sale, options for personalized card and event planning to communicate with the customer, state-of-the-art tools to generate credit analysis, sales control, emission of invoices, and operational collection management. Thus, companies do not need to get involved in procedures outside of their specialty, dealing with many suppliers, and they can have better conditions to establish a unique relationship with their customers.

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