Ensuring that you can restore strategic data for decision making at any time of the day is something that companies can no longer ignore. And it was precisely to get this kind of advantage that a carrier with almost 50 years of history decided to invest on cloud.
The company recently adopted LiveCloud Backup, a complete cloud backup service, relying on the benefits of high availability, elasticity, security, management, monitoring and support. Processor's cloud integrator proposal has ensured a more sophisticated and secure environment for company information, supporting IT, empowering people, and streamlining day-to-day processes.
The company director says that they were facing some problems in performing backups, which led to the lack of data integrity assurance in the event of a disaster. This was because the data was recorded on tapes and later stored in an existing vault on the same site of the data center, which could be affected in the event of a disaster, such as a major fire. In addition, the previous on promise solution was no longer supported by the manufacturer.
Faced with this customer demand, Processor Cloud specialist Carlos Yohei explains that a hybrid backup solution has been deployed in which the data is copied to a local server and then replicated to the LiveCloud Backup cloud environment. "This ensures data can be restored, because it is stored on digital media and replicated in the cloud, which ensures security," he says.
The carrier’s director also highlights the fact that with the cloud service, there is no longer any need for investment in hardware, software, people to monitor, support and run the backup, which saves resources and time for the company’s professionals; Not to mention the positive impact on data availability. Currently, 100% of restores are successfully completed. Processor supports the company from solution licensing to monitoring, operation and support in case of failures.
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