Office 365 supports teaching and benefits hundreds of students of Faccat

Four thousand people were benefited, between students and professors, who now have easy access to technological tools capable of supporting teaching at Faculdades Integradas de Taquara (Faccat). 
This is one of the main results derived from the implementation of Office 365 in the institution, a project that had the support of Processor in all phases. "Faccat feels a constant concern about providing our students with the best conditions in all areas. The partnership with Microsoft and Processor is at the service of such philosophy," says Faccat general director, Delmar Backes.
The implementation of the tool is helping to transform the education institution's business. One of the main benefits is the standardization, which immediately solved an old problem. Before the solution, there was incompatibility among the different versions of programs used by students and professors. It would impair, daily, the delivery of projects, papers, documents, and presentations, since the students would often submit their work and the professors were not able to open the files.

The activation of Office 365 solved this as it opened space for using the cloud. Thus, everybody can work on the same documents in shared format, using up-to-date, state-of-the-art software by Microsoft. "
" Our focus is education and this solution supports quality teaching." 
LEONARDO SÁPIRAS | Faccat IT Coordinator  
More than standardizing, the implementation of Office 365 provided professors and students with the same resources previously available only to the administrative areas of the institution.
Moreover, access can be done on campus, at home, or anywhere else (even at the beach) through mobile devices. "Adopting this powerful tool combined with the cloud ensures the possibility of work and exchange of information to the college community, wherever and whenever necessary. Especially because anywhere can be a place for learning and collaborating," says Processor director Reges Bronzatti.

The Fundação Educacional Encosta Inferior do Nordeste was created on December 31, 1969, by the mayors of Taquara, Rolante, Igrejinha, Três Coroas and São Francisco de Paula (Rio Grande do Sul) with the goal of providing higher education to the people from those cities.
Thanks to the elevated quality of its education and the insertion of its activities in the local community – through projects focused on cultural, social and economic development as well as the formal education for the training of professionals in its courses –, in 1988 it became possible to create the Faculdade de Educação de Taquara with the Pedagogy course to meet customers that came from beyond the five original cities that created the institution. Nowadays, Faccat has a campus located at Bairro Fogão Gaúcho, Rodovia ERS 115, in a prime geographical position and 80km from the state's capital, Porto Alegre, offering several undergraduate and graduate courses, extension activities and research as well as distance education.
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