Implementation, operation and management of big data using modeling, capture, data enrichment, curation and AI.


Solutions for storing, processing and modeling large amounts of data, from a variety of sources and formats, using data science with advanced algorithm and artificial intelligence capabilities.


  • Understanding and defining the strategy, including analyzing the processes and the different internal and external data sources in the organization context
  • Definition of the data availability format for all the organization's stakeholders, as well as processes and technologies
  • Creation/evolution of algorithms and artificial intelligence for the entire context of captured, transformed and enriched data
  • Operation of the technological platform for the maintenance and evolution of the solution according to the business needs.


  • Intelligence about the organization's data, delivering competitive advantage to the business
  • Scalable data organization capabilities through the use of state-of-the-art technologies
  • Visibility of operational gaps and identification of improvement opportunities through indicators
  • More qualified decision-making
  • Support for continuous innovation
  • Greater clarity in management and focus on business.