Managed and optimized business applications available​​


It is essential to have a support structure that enables a widespread availability, full capability, and efficiency of business applications. Processor’s services come in addition to the availability of applications to provide information for strategic decision making.

  • Increased availability, capacity and efficiency through management and support for business applications
  • Architecture, tuning, troubleshooting, management and application support
  • Proactive and integrated environment monitoring
  • Processor Knowledge Center for drive and NOC 24x7
  • Advanced support to leading manufacturers level
  • Management, operation and support to application events
  • Periodic and real-time reports for decision making
  • Implementation of service governance processes:
    • Problem and change management
    • Availability and capacity management
    • Application release management
    • Documentation and knowledge-base management
    • Service level management
  • Service contingency
  • Full cloud contingency and production solution