Symantec is the world leader in providing software and services that help individuals, small, medium-sized enterprises and large corporations to ensure the security, availability and integrity of their most important asset-information.

Currently, the company is the leading provider of software solutions for protection, compliance, management and Data Center Security.

Since 2008 the Processor is Symantec Silver Partner. This certification is a recognition of developed business between companies and the high technical level in the team of professionals of the Processor, which has a large amount of technical and business professionals certified software developed by Symantec.

Fruit of this partnership and the success that has been achieved, the Processor is investing in conjunction with Symantec in the expansion of geographical coverage of business, involving not only a greater scope in Brazil, but also in Latin America.

The Processor, in addition to meeting the needs of customers with the acquisition of this portfolio solutions manufacturer, operates in the marketing, project execution and support, delivering a high technical level in the Latin American market.


  • Endpoint Protection - Integrates technologies such as antivirus, antispyware, firewall, intrusion prevention, and device control and applications.

  • Data Loss Prevention - Protect data against theft and loss, complying with privacy laws, preserving the reputation and intellectual property of your company.

  • Asset Management - Asset management through a vision needs of assets throughout its lifecycle, eliminating unnecessary software purchases.

  • Mobile Security - Market leading technologies for mobility management and security that helps provide the productivity on mobile devices.

  • Data Center Security - enables organizations to protect their physical and virtual servers, as well as their private clouds, monitoring continuously the questions of security and compliance of their datacenters.

  • Advanced Threat Protection - Provides automated threat detection and prevention on the network, combining protection technologies.

  • PGP Encryption - Encryption Symantec portfolio includes endpoint encryption, files, folders and emails.

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